Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Marine Robot Joins The Battle

A marine soldier stuck in a tough combat situation, this new little robot is there for help. Built by Minneapolis-based Recon Robotic Inc. these robots weigh just one pound and they can be dropped up from 30 feet on concrete.
So the US military already ordered 1126 of these robots from the company. So what the good thing about this robot is that it is carry able
in the bag of a marine and moreover it weighs very less. No matter how you throw or drop it, its going to work fine as its is built for the military action. The unique two wheel with a little curve edges, this design is perfect as when you throw it no matter it is straight or down, its going to work. This fancy robot captures pictures, video and infrared scan ability that makes it to work even at night. Moreover this tiny little thing can go any where you want.

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