Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clif Bar & Company will give you almost $6500 for going green

This company will give you almost $6500 for going green!

Clif Bar & Company gives employees $6500 for switching to bio-diesel or hybrid vehicles, and up to $500 towards the purchase of a commuter bike to reduce fuel consumption.

It’s pretty impressive what some companies are doing to help reduce the carbon footprint we place on the planet. Since 2006, Clif Bar has offered incentives to encourag
e employees to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Employees are rewarded for biking, walking, carpooling, taking public transit, and driving a hybrid or bio-diesel vehicle to work. To receive the benefits, employees have to commute by bike at least twice a month.

Those who do receive up to $960 a year in rewards for eliminating cars from their commutes, as well as other rewards. One of the most extravagant is probably a massage reward. Those who pledge to drive the proper cars receive $6,500 to help fund their car purchases. Eligible cars include those like the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, and Chevy Volt.

Clif Bar has even extended the program into employee homes. Employees who make suitable eco-home improvements can earn up to a thousand dollars every year. If someone’s doing it right, it’s definitely Clif Bar.

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