Thursday, August 30, 2012

The world's most polluted city

The world's most polluted city is so contaminated; you can mine the top soil for metals!

The city of Norilsk, in Russia is considered to be the world's most polluted city. It's an industrial city of around 100,000 inhabitants. It has extremely harsh climate, the average temperature for the year is 15.5F.

The city smelts Nickel Ore, which is directly responsible for severe pollution. The city e
xperiences acid rain and smoke. Some scientists estimate that 1% of the entire global emissions of sulfur dioxide come from this city.

The pollution by heavy metal is so bad in this city, that it is now economically feasible to mine the surface soil. The soil around the city has high concentrations of platinum and palladium. CNN has claimed that there is no living tree living withing 30 miles of the nickel smelter called Nadezhda ("The Hope")

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