Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 Tips for successful group discussion

As the word suggests, “group discussion”, it’s just a discussion and not a debate. In fact GD is a challenge to prove onself in those 20 minutes. Following are some of the useful tips:
Maintain eye contact
It’s very important to keep an eye contact while you are talking as it reflects your confidence.
Initiate the group discussion only when you are clear about the topic because speaking without the subject knowledge gives bad impression.
Allow others to speak
Do not interrupt when others are talking. Even if you are not agreeing with other person, don’t interrupt. Everybody has their own opinion.
Talk to the point
Many have a wrong idea that if you talk a lot in group discussion, you tend to build a good impression. But it’s the other way round. It’s the quality that matters and not the quantity.
Be sensible
Don’t worry even if you speak less because what matters is sensible talks.
Good listener
Pay attention while others are talking so as to counter talk on their part. Remember you just have to put your points and not force other person to accept your point and end up in argument.
Positive attitude
Be confident of what you talk. Be presentable and don’t dominate others. Show interest in discussion.
Follow these 7 simple rules to crack GD easily.

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