Thursday, August 23, 2012

The strange case of the SIX THOUSAND dollar watermelon

The strange case of the SIX THOUSAND dollar watermelon!

The Denuske Watermelon is a fruity Japanese delicacy that can sell for astronomical amounts of money. In the last few years, the watermelon has sold for anywhere between $3,700 and $8,100!

What makes it so special? Well for one, they're extremely rare. On the first day that they go on sale, only about 100 are made available. The watermelon
is solid black, smooth like a bowling ball and sold via auction. Consider though, that fresh fruit is really expensive in Japan. A normal watermelon can cost up to $30!

Still, watermelons aren't the only, nor the most expensive Japanese fruits you can get. A type of melon called Yubari melon once sold for One Million yen, or about $12,500!

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