Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There are actually 6 degrees of burns

There are actually 6 degrees of burns!

You've probably heard a lot about 3rd degree burns. They're the ones you hear about the most on news reports. The reason for this is that 3rd degree burns are the most severe types of burn that do not result in loss of life if treated in time. What are the other kinds of burns? Read on to find out, but fair warning, descriptions can be a little gruesome to r

People who suffer 4th degree burns damage not just their skin, but also their muscles, ligaments and tendons. They're usually due to fire or severe electric shock. Although mortality is high, if a victim survives, they will need to undergo skin grafting as part of the procedure.

5th degree burns are the ones in which everything up to the bone is burnt. This means all skin, muscle ligaments, and tendons are damaged. The bone might even be damaged. Although these are almost impossible to survive, the only treatment for survivors is amputation.

6th degree burns are usually diagnosed at the time of autopsy. In these burns, even the bone is charred. It's considered impossible for humans to suffer these burns, death is inevitable.

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