Monday, August 27, 2012

Terra Nostra” certified world’s smallest newspaper

★ Terra Nostra” certified world’s smallest newspaper ★

A special edition of the Portuguese language weekly “Terra Nostra,” measuring just one inch by 0.7 inches, has been certified by the Guinness World of Records as the world’s smallest newspaper.

Printed in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel island, in the Azores, the special edition of the Terra Nostra was issued, Monday, February 20, Social Justice W
orld Day.

“It is officially the world’s smallest newspaper,” said Anna Orford, a member of the Guinness World Records, remarking that, indeed, it was a “perfect replica of the newspaper.”

With the headline “A hug to the world,” the special 32 page edition of Terra Nostra costs 2.5 euro and can be read using a small magnifying glass to increase the text from six to eight times

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