Sunday, August 05, 2012

Polaroid PoGo Wireless Mobile Printer

The Polaroid PoGo, an inkless printer that prints 2" x 3" sticker pictures from digital cameras via USB and cellphones over Bluetooth.
The Price : $150 for the unit, 30-packs of photo paper cost$10.
It prints using Zink , an inkless technology that uses photo paper with billions of colorlessdye crystals in CMY layers that change color when activated by heat. This means that the pictures are dry as soon as they develop, and you NEVER replace ink or toner cartridges. The prints are also waterproof, tear and fade resistant, and have an adhesive backing so you can stick them anywhere.
Another great thing about the PoGo is its portability. Its a little larger than a deck of cards, so if you've got pockets, you can take it around. It also connects to phones via Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about cords. We easily paired it via Bluetooth connection to a year-old, mainstream LG phone from Verizon, though it isn't compatible with every phone—Polaroid says it works with about 70% of Bluetooth-enabled phones out today.

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