Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It happens only in China: 30 Storey hotel built in 360 hours !

It happens only in China: 30 Storey hotel built
in 360 hours !

Which country can build a 30 storey building
in 360 hours? Yes China. A country which is
on a race with itself has set one more record
– of sorts. A 30 storey, 183000 square foot
hotel was built in 360 hours.
The hotel was built in the Hunan Province,
China, by the Broad Group construction
company. The whole hotel was built using
pre-fabricated modules (of course) and uses a
diagonal steel bracing. If you want to stick a
‘Made in China’ Moniker and pronounce that
this building might not be safe, please delay
your judgment until you hear what’s in store.

The hotel is 5 times more earthquake
resistant than conventional building and can
withstand a 9 magnitude earthquake. The
building has been tested by the China
Academy of Building research. The building is
safe from the inside as well. Its indoor air is
20 times purer than the air outside thanks to
a 3 stage air filtration set-up throughout the
building. Further, there is air quality
monitoring in every room. The building is 5
times more energy efficient than regular
buildings and has an external solar shading,
heat recovery, fresh air and internal window

It’s not just that the building was built. The
beds, curtains and everything that makes it a
hotel were done by that time as well. It isn’t
just done. It’s done and done. Ready to be

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