Thursday, August 02, 2012

Interesting Facts About Amazon’s Rainforests \

1.Amazon Rainforests also referred to as Amazonia, are considered to be the world’s greatest natural resource available, and cover more than half of Brazil.
2.This rainforests, which derive their name from the Amazon River, cover about 2.5 million square miles and are the largest tropica
l forest in the world.
3Also known as the ‘lung of the planet’, as they account to 20% of the world oxygen, these rainforests are more than 55 million years old.
4.When taking their size into consideration, they are 9 times the size of Texas with over 40,000 species of the plant, 500 varieties of mammals , 300 species of the reptiles and 1800 species of butterflies.
5.The Amazonia is known to be the largest river system of the world. Each time it rains in the river basin, the water drains into the Amazon rainforest and also in to the Amazon River.
6.The birds belonging to the Amazon Rainforests are about one third of the world’s bird species, toucan being the most popular icon.

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