Friday, August 10, 2012

600,000 Facebook accounts get compromised *every day.*

Did you know? 600,000 Facebook accounts get compromised *every day.* :( If your personal account gets hacked and you're the only Admin for your fan page, you'll temporarily lose access to your page until you get your profile back... not only that, the hackers might post all kinds of stuff on your profile and page(s). SO, here are 7 tips to protect yourself:

1) Have a long, cryptic password! If yo
u can remember your password, it's not strong enough. Use a password tool like,,, or and make sure whichever one you use is protected with a secure, master password. Never share your password with anyone and never store it in a place that others could easily find.

2) Assign a minimum of one other Admin. It should be a trusted employee/friend/assistant. You should not have to give your password out to any assistants/staff. Just make them an Admin of your page.

3) Turn on secure browsing (https://). Go to Account Settings > Security > Secure Browsing > Edit > check the box > Save changes.

4) Enable login notifications. You'll get an email and/or text message any time any device logs into your Facebook account. (Notifications are lightning fast; I recommend both email & text). Go to Account Settings > Security > Login Notifications > Edit > check the boxes > Save changes.

5) Log out of Facebook completely, don't just close the browser. Especially if others have access to your computer. Also, periodically clear your cache and cookies.

6) If ever you're logging on to Facebook on a public computer or via public non-secure wifi, for example, use the One Time Password option (OTP). Just text "otp" to 32665 and Facebook will text you back with a password that you'll use one time. See this help section:

7) Never click on suspicious links. It's so easy for scammers to 'phish' your login credentials if you click on links. Facebook displays the root URL for shared links and in ads. But, if you see a link posted on your wall from a friend, for example, and you have any doubts at all about clicking through then double check first. Your friend could've had their account hacked and a bot is posting messages on all their friends' walls.

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