Friday, June 08, 2012

World IPv6 Launch Day Is Only a Day Away

The world is getting ready to flip the switch on IPv6 as World IPv6 Launch day looms. On the 6th of June, several big websites as wellas large internet companies are turning on IPv6 by default.
They're still leaving IPv4 turned on, of course, and will do so for many years to come. What's more, even if big names like Google and Facebook are part of the init...iative, the vast majority of the world's internet traffic will still be carried via the old protocol.
It's even more nuanced than that, as IPv6 traffic has been growing fast for a few months now and is now at its record peak.
So the actual Launch day is more in title, butthat's probably the most important fact, thebiggest thing holding back IPv6 for now is awareness and the old, chicken versus egg problem. Some chickens and some eggs will switch to IPv6 in a couple of days, hopefully others will follow.

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