Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to repair your laptop:

If you're like me and store your whole life on your laptop, there's nothing worse than switching it on one morning and finding it doesn't work. The worst thing is a hard-drive crash where you lose everything stored on your computer in about 10 seconds! Laptops are easier to repair than you might think. Turn your machine over and you'll see some small flaps, accessible with screws. Look in the manual and you'll find out what they 're for. On the Toshiba laptop in this photo, 1=battery; 2=memory expansion; 3=hard drive; 4=LAN/wireless card; 5=CPU fan and CPU chip. All of these parts (and other things like the keyboard and LCD screen) are modular and easy to replace, usually without any soldering. If you're fairly confident with electronic stuff, it's easy. Just open the flap or the case, find the part number on the broken item, type that number into Google or eBay to find a replacement, and you can repair your machine yourself in a matter of minutes!

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