Friday, June 29, 2012

concerning water

Interesting facts concerning water

Water - the most simple and familiar substance on the planet. But at the same time, the water carries a lot of mysteries
March 22, is the International Day of Water Resources. This date was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations to remind mankind of the importance of water for the environment and social development.

Currently, 70% of our planet covered by water. But only 1% of Earth's Water is drinkable. Each year the problems of access to water resources becomes more acute

>> The purest water is in Finland. According to UNESCO, the purest water is in Finland. In total 122 countries took part in research of fresh natural water.

>> The water has more than 3 states. Even at school all know that the water has 3 Form: liquid, solid and gaseous. However, scientists have identified 5 different states of water in liquid form, and 14 states in the frozen form.

>> Water as glass. What happens if you take the frozen pure water and continue cooling? With water there will be miraculous transformations. At minus 120 degrees Celsius water becomes highly viscous , and at temperatures below minus 135 degrees it becomes a "glass" water. "Glass" water - it is solid, in which there is no crystalline structure, as in the glass.

>> The water is basis of life. Water is the basis of life. All the living animal and vegetable substance composed of water: animals - 75%, fish - by 75%, jellyfish - up to 99%, potatoes - by 76%, apples - about 85%, tomatoes - 90%, cucumbers - 95 %, melons - by 96%. Even a human consists of water. 86% of water contained in the body of a newborn and up to 60% in the elderly.

>>The water is the carrier of disease. Water not only gives life, but may take it away. 85% of all diseases in the world is transmitted by water. Every year 25 million people die from these diseases.

>> People dies without water. If a human loses 2% of water from the mass of his body, then he will feel strong thirst. If the percentage of lost water increase to 10, then the person will begin hallucinating. At loss in 12 % the person cannot be restored without the aid of the doctor. At loss in 20 % the person dies.

>> Water as a diet. By means of water it is possible to struggle with excess weight. If to drink only water, it is possible to lower the general caloric content of a diet sharply.

>> Water for healthy heart . Water helps to lower probability of heart attack. During researches scientists have found out that those people who drink about six glasses of water in day, are less subject to risk of the stroke unlike those who drinks only two glasses.

>> 35 tons of water for life. Without water the person can live not long. The requirement for water is the second after oxygen. Without meal the person can live about six weeks, and without water – five-seven days. The person drinks approximately 35 tons of the water for all life.

>> Water is the most expensive. Water can be free, and can be very expensive. The most expensive water in the world is on sale in Los Angeles. Manufacturers pack a precious liquid with the balanced taste and value ph in bottles with pastes "Swarovski". There Is such water 90$ for 1 liter.

>>There is a water which burns.There is also a dangerous water. So, for example, in Azerbaijan there is a water in which it is a lot of methane, therefore it can light up if to bring to it a match. And in Sicily in one of lakes there are underwater sources of acid which poison all water in this reservoir.

>>Protein in water. Sea water – rather nutritious substance. In 1 cubic sm of such water contains 1.5 –≥ protein and other substances

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