Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carbon Nanotube-Based Integrated CircuitsManufactured on Plastic Substrates

Carbon Nanotube-Based Integrated CircuitsManufactured on Plastic Substrates.........
Industrial Technology Research Grant Japan-Finland collaborative project have developed a simple and fast process to manufacture high-quality carbon nanotube-based thin film transistors (TFT) on a plastic substrate.
They used this technolog y to manufacture the world's first sequential logic circuits using carbon nanotubes. The technology could lead to the development of high-speed, roll-to-roll manufacturing processes to manufacture low-cost flexible devices such as electronic paper in the future.
1.Lightweight and flexible devices such as mobile phones and electronic paper are gaining attention for their roles in achieving a smarter ubiquitous information society. For flexible electronics, as a substitute for conventional solid silicon substrates, there is a demand for integrated circuits to be manufactured on a plastic substrate with high speed and low cost .
2.Easy and fast thin film deposition: Gas phase filtration and transfer processes
3.Carbon nanotube TFTs with high-mobility of 35 cm2/Vs and an on/off ratio of 6´106
4.Successful operation of integrated circuits on transparent and flexible plastic substrates!!!!

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