Monday, June 25, 2012

There's a man who can hear colors! (Neil Harbisson)

His name is Neil Harbisson, and he was born completely colorblind. Until he was 11, he didn't realize that he had "achromatopsia" which left him with only being able to see in black and white.

When he was 16, he enrolled into an art class. At first he encountered reaction, because he couldn't see color. However, he did an entire art course in grayscale. When he went to college, he paired up with a cybernetics expert who helped him come up with the antenna-like device you see in the picture. It's called an eyeborg.

This device has a camera that detects colors' lightwaves and translates them into a sound. This sound he hears "in his bone, not in his ears" as he describes it. Each color has a specific musical frequency associated to it. He can currently hear 360 different colors, even ones that the human eye cannot see.

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