Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Recover Lost Hard Drive Data:

Your old hard disk drive has finally died out on you and you are left without all of your files! If you have somehow lost some or all of the data on your computer hard drive, do not panic. You can recover your lost data through computer hard drive recovery software and services.

While sturdy-looking, computer hard drives are relatively fragile computer hardware that can easily break apart if you physically abuse them or run them beyond their limits. With just a short three-foot drop, you can crack and disable your laptop computer hard drive.

You can usually tell if you have a broken computer hard drive based on the sounds that it makes when you boot up and use your PC. The failing hard drive will warn you that it is having a problem by making clicking sounds. When you hear frantic clicks from your hard drive, turn off your computer immediately or you will further damage your drive.

At this point, you have to decide on whether to let go of your hard drive data or hire a computer hard drive recovery service to retrieve your data. Data recovery services are never cheap so be prepared to shell out some cash if you want to retrieve your old hard drive data.

If your computer hard drive is not completely destroyed, you can attempt to recover your data by yourself. You can do this with the help of computer hard drive recovery software.

Before running any computer hard drive recovery software, you first have to remove the damaged hard drive and externally hook it to another computer via a FireWire or USB port. This computer should have the data recovery software installed in it. You then use the recovery software to copy the files from the defective hard drive onto a destination hard drive. The process can take a few hours to several days so you need to be patient.

Depending on the extent of the damage to your hard drive, you can recover all or a greater portion of your hard drive data by using computer hard drive recovery software or by employing a computer hard drive recovery service.

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