Saturday, June 23, 2012

Self Charging Mobile Phones.

Technology that Converts Sound to Electricity -

Have you ever wondered that your mobile phones charged automatically. Well I have thought of that most of thetime when I forget to get my phone charged. I am really excited about this new technology that maychange the entire concept of electricity power. Scientists from Korea have predicted with a brand new technology th...atconverts sound to electricity.
The scientists proved that reaction of calamine lotion right into some type of tiny material would create electrical from sound waves. The Discovery newsand Yahoo has already reported the latest technology. The future development of this may lead to the creation of mobile phones that will be capable of charging the battery throughthe voice of the conversations.
Another application of the technology that are suggested by the Scientists arethat this can be used to generated electricity from the sound of the city traffic.
This will be very helpful in creating a percentage of total power consumption of the world.
The experiment was conducted using zinc oxide, the main ingredient in calamine lotion, Young Jun Park, Sang-Woo Kim and their colleagues created a discipline of nanowires sandwiched between two electrodes.
The researchers blasted that sandwich with sound waves, which at one hundred decibels weren't quite as loud as a rock concert. A normal conversation is about 60-70 decibels. The sound waves produced amild electrical present of about 50 millivolts.The typical mobile phone requires a couple of volts to operate, a number of instances the facility this expertise can at the moment produce.
"Just as speakers transform electric indicators into sound, the opposite process-of turning sound into a supply of electrical power -- is feasible,"

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