Saturday, June 16, 2012

mice not a leopard's food.

I was astonished that not one
person had the real
explanation for this suicidal
behavior on the part of the
mouse that went to eat a
leopard's food. "Maybe they are friends" - dream on!

The real reason would be
simple to determine. Take a
blood sample from the mouse,
and see if it has Toxoplasmosis,
an infection due to the parasite
Toxoplasma gondii, which has evolved (sorry, intelligent
design freaks, but I doubt God
was needed for this) to make
mice lose their fear of
predators, and thus be more
easily eaten, and thus transmit and multiply the parasite.

I like spiritual and heart-full
explanations as much as
anyone, but when no one, out
of hundreds who see this, as
heard of Toxoplasmosis, then
these are exactly the sort of people who KISS and LICK the
faces of cats and dogs, thus
spreading Toxoplasmosis
infection to humans, and
making us all sheep, unafraid
of even cars and buses as they careen towards us, bringing

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