Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Einstein !!!!

I'm going to be looking at our favorite scientist-genius, Albert Einstein, and the great work he did. Einstein's story is anything but conventional. From the earliest age, he clearly had science on the brain: his first words, on seeing his baby sister, were "Where are the wheels?" His earliest scientific memory, aged 5, was of his father showing him a magnetic compass.... He knew straight away that something amazing made the needle turn - "Something deeply hidden had to be behind things" - and that was really the start of his scientific life. Later, he was kicked out of school for being disruptive: he found it hard to stay interested when his dull, unimaginative teachers were trying to drill facts into his head by repetition, stifling his creativity. After completing his studies, Einstein desperately wanted to teach physics, but couldn't find work and had to take a mundane job as a patent clerk. One of his tasks was reviewing inventions connected with the growing field of electrical communications (telephone, telegraph and so on); and that set him thinking about how things traveled through space and time - with astonishing results!

A brief introduction to the life of Albert Einstein:

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