Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alexander Graham Bell???

Ring! Ring! Alexander Graham Bell gets the credit for the telephone, though others claimed to have got there first. Here is his original design from 1876. The speaker is on the left, the listener on the right. You speak into a horn (1) with a membrane (a kind of small drum skin) stretched over the small end (2). As you speak, the membrane moves, and pushes a coil near a magnet (3). This turns the ...sound energy from your voice into electrical energy. The electricity flows down a wire (4) - which can be of any length - to the receiver, where the same things happen in reverse. The electricity flows into a coil, near a magnet (5). This turns the electricity back into vibrations. The vibrations push another membrane and that makes sound you can hear in the earpiece (6). "Telephone" means "distant-sound": Bell's invention was a way to send sound any distance by turning it into electricity... and back again.

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