Sunday, April 01, 2012

>>amazing things about wireless point of
sale (wireless POS
or WPOS)<<

Wireless point of sale
... (wireless POS or WPOS) is
the use of wireless devices
to facilitate payment for
products or services.
Typically, a WPOS system consists of a base station
directly connected to a
central network and one
or more handheld devices
that communicate

WPOS can streamline many
processes, from buying
food at a grocery store or
restaurant to returning
rental cars or paying
taxicab fares. Systems may include the ability to
consummate sales, record
and track customer orders,
process credit cards,
connect to other systems in
a network, and manage inventory. By enabling a
vendor to make a
transaction or adjust it
anywhere within range of
the wireless network,
WPOS can confirm both a customer's ability to pay
and ensure seamless
delivery of the desired
product or service.

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