Monday, April 09, 2012


¤RADAR (Radio
Detection and
If you have sometimes experienced the reflection of a sound due to the presence of a sound reflecting object like a canyon/ cave, etc. you have in
a way experienced how radar functions . When you shout near towards a valley or a mountain, the reflection of a sound, i.e., the echo comes
back. The time an echo requires to come back can be used to estimate the distance of the reflecting object, provided the speed of sound in air is known. Radar functions in a similar manner to find out the location of the reflection object using RF waves.

Radars are being used to measure different parameters:

1. Range Using Pulse Delay

2. Velocity From Doppler Frequency Shift

3. Angular Direction Using
Antenna Pointing

4. Target Size From magnitude of reflected energy

5. Target Shape Analyzing reflected signal as a function of direction

6. Moving Parts Analyzing modulation of the reflected signal

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