Thursday, April 19, 2012

pendrive internal Circuitry

Daily You will use pendrive but ever
tried to know its internal
Circuitry ??? :
1.A male type-A USB connector.
2.An Ours Technology Inc. OTi-2168
... USB 2.0 mass storage controller. This
implements the USB 2.0 host
controller, and provides a seamless
linear interface to block-oriented
serial flash devices, while hiding
the complexities of block-
orientation, block erasure, and
wear balancing. It contains a small
RISC microprocessor and a small
amount of ROM and RAM. This
communicates with the Hynix device
over an 8-line unified address/
data bus
3.JP1 and JP2: two unpopulated 10-
pin connectors, used for testing
during the keydrive's manufacture.
4.A Hynix Semiconductor
HY27USxx121M series NAND Flash
memory device, featuring 4096
independently erasable blocks each
providing 16 Kbytes of storage,
yielding a total of 64 Mbytes of
usable storage. The version used in
this keydrive is a 20x12mm 48-pin
TSOP1 (Thin Small Outline Package)
surface-mount package
5.An SKC Shin Chang Electronics
12.000 MHz crystal oscillator (XTAL).
The OTi device runs the output of
this through a phase-locked loop to
produce its main 12 MHz clock
6.A single yellow light-emitting
diode (run from a pin on the OTi
device) which flashes to indicate
7.A simple two-position switch,
used to indicate whether the device
should be in "write-protect" mode.
It is shown here in the make
position, indicating write-protect
is off.
8.An unpopulated space for a
second TSOP1 memory package. The
OTi device is capable of driving up
to eight such devices. Having this
second space allows the
manufacturer to choose (generally
on a cost basis) whether to use one
or two TSOP flash parts.

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