Thursday, April 26, 2012

Russian scientists prepare for human brain transplant

>Avatar-A: Russian scientists prepare for human brain transplant<

Following the steps of James Cameron, a young Russian media mogul has launched his own Avatar project.

Dmitry Itskov does not want to explore a new planet, though: he just plans to make a human brain immortal by transplanting it into a robot's body.
... The Avatar-A project’s aim, Itskov says, is to create an autonomous system of human brain nutrition, preserve nerve connections so that the brain does not degrade or die, making it possible to transplant a human head onto an artificial body.
it will become available to people in just 10 years in the exactly same form.
The idea is based on work by US scientist Robert White. In experiments with chimps, White showed that a monkey’s brain can be taken out of the skull and plugged into a system that will keep it will not need food or probably even a home. The scientist sees it as a way to combat nature.The team is now in the process of creating a fund in the US, which will look for and develop the technology necessary for the project.

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