Monday, April 16, 2012

>Kid Makes A LEGO Space Shuttle And Sends It To Space

>Kid Makes A LEGO Space Shuttle And Sends It To Space<

Words will be short to define what this kid did, and according to him it was more thana dream. Raul is the guy who actually built a Lego space shuttle and sent it to space tocapture amazing shots of space! well, how it all happened? There is a story behind it!
So here it starts, Raul, a Romanian Guy whois a die hard fan of space shuttles cam...e outwith an idea that he could make a Lego shuttle and with the help of balloon and camera he can pop up to the skies and finally visualize his dreams as reality. Ofcourse the equipment which is all for thistest was not that cheap since a high quality video recorder and special air balloon with all creative ideas in his mind would have a good cost to implement. The poor guy was not able to afford his dream, so he came up with a plan that he will find an investor for it. Unlike other children of his age he hit up on internet and found PM’d Steve Sammartino who was a micro-startup expert and venture capitalist. On hearing the bright idea of the boy he signed up with Raul and bore all costs of this project. So by time when the project was completed the next challenge was that where would they find a nice spot to initiate it to space. Since the Romanian air violations were strict, both they guys, after alot of thinking decided to launch it from Germany.

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