Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yas Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi,

The first hotel to be built over an F1 race circuit, Yas Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE isan architectural marvel. It is built next to the space that houses the famous Formula 1circuit. The two parts of the hotel are held together and connected by a sculpted one-piece of steel, which directly becomes bridge and window on a stretch of the track.
The glance is impressive even in daylight. The sumpt...uous Yas Viceroy Hotel, however, reveals its spectacular peculiarity when the night comes. A structure of 85,000 square meters, which houses 500 rooms, entirely covered with lights.
Designed by Asymptote Architecture, the hotel is covered by a sort of metallic shell illuminated thanks to the work of Arup Lighting, which worked to manage the automation of the lights. The LEDs change color, the intermittency frequency, light progressively with preset patterns and make the Yas Hotel a kind of huge and bright

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