Thursday, April 19, 2012


>Powertrekk, Charge your Mobile Device with Water<

Powertrekk Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charger could replace Battery.
Two things: One of them is “Sodium Silicide” (Sodium metal + Silicon powder = Sodium Silicide). Michigan State University made it and patented by SiGNa Chemistry Inc . Sodium, in open air, OMG... but Sodium Silicide is safe to handle in open air and exhibits a unique property: when expo...sed to water, Sodium Silicide generates hydrogen.
Another one is FuelCellSticker , has developed by myFC (my Fuel Cell, Swedish based company). It is a thin lightweight fuelcell, portable. It can enhance power density.So,in conjunction with FuelCellSticker, Sodium Silicide developed a portable substitute to traditional batteries, named PowerTrekk.
Users have to buy disk-shaped PowerPukks fuel cell charger, which contains Sodium Silicide as fuel. It is reusable. First take PowerPukk to fits inside the PowerTrekk. And then just add a tablespoon of water(dirty, clean, salty, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter), and then you are ready to charge cell phones, tablet computers and other small electronic devices via USB. It cangenerates energy equivalent to about 4 AA batteries and will be cheaper than a 4 pack AA batteries

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