Wednesday, October 03, 2012

tectonic Plate Gap Between Europe & America.

tectonic Plate Gap Between Europe & America.
The gap between Europe and the United States is widening - by one inch a year. This image shows the vast gap between the two tectonic plates, as seen by a British scuba diver. Alex Mustard, 36, dived 80 feet into the crevice between North America and Eurasia to reveal the stunning landscape.The area - near Iceland - is riddled with faults, valleys, volc
anoes and hot springs, caused by the plates pulling apart at about 1 inch per year.

Alex snapped away as he and his dive partners swam through fresh water canyons Silfra, Nes and Nikulasargja, which are up to 200 feet deep.He also took photographs of the Arnarnes Strytur chimney, which forms a cloudy plume as 80 C water is ejected from the earth's crust and hits the cool 4 C seawater.Alex, from Southampton, Hants, said: "The photos show diving in the unique underwater world of Iceland which, like on land, is formed by the volcanic landscape of the country.

This pic: A diver explores Nes Canyon, a fault filled with fresh water in the rift valley between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates in northern Iceland.

Photographed by: Alexander Mustard / Solent News & Photo Agency

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