Saturday, October 13, 2012

There’s an ancient city submerged in water in Portugal (Vilarinho Da Furna)

There’s an ancient city submerged in water in Portugal!

The city is called Vilarinho Da Furna in Portugal’s Minho region and it is especially rare because it is usually submerged in water, but during dry spells the water recedes and the city emerges In Portugal’s Minho region there’s a city submerged in water called Vilarinho Da Furna that dates back over 2000 years.

This city is especially amaz
ing because during dry spells the water recedes, revealing the ancient ruins! Unfortunately, it is nearly destroyed because of an electric company. In 1967, a dam was built to provide hydroelectric power for the region and resulted in flooding the areas around the River Homem.

The Portuguese Electric Company paid residents to leave their homes, resulting in the ancient city being completely left under water. The town was originally founded by the Romans in the first century and became quite prosperous. People continued to inhabit the town until 40 years ago when they were paid to evacuate, and ever since, when the dam water levels fall, the city mysteriously emerges from its submersion.

A museum has been built in São João do Campo to remember the city and today boats with transparent bottoms give tours to those who want to view the underwater town in an attempt to remember and preserve the quickly disappearing history.

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