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Whether you are a consumer of Lipton tea, Walls Ice-cream, Ponds cream or Axe deodrant, you must be acquainted with the unique ‘U’ shaped icon printed on the back of these products. This legendary icon is a trademark of one of the most recognized and prominent brands in the UK market…Unilever. It’s distinctively ‘U’ shaped creative typographic logo has mystified
the customers for years.
For all of the brand loyal fans of Unilever, who have been anxious to find out the meaning behind this mysterious logo, the explanation has been finally revealed. Unilever, on its website, has finally disclosed the logic behind all icons used to create their remarkable logo.

Unilever’s current mysterious company logo was unveiled in 2004. It was created by the famous UK design firm Wolff Olins and is made up of 25 different icons amalgamated into a ‘U’ shaped logo design. Each of these icons symbolizes Unilever’s diverse brand portfolio. The whole identity system revolves around the idea of "adding vitality to life”.

1.Sun- Sun evokes Unilever’s origins in Port Sunlight and can represent a number of brands. Flora, Slim•Fast and Omo all use radiance to communicate their benefits.

2.Hand-A symbol of sensitivity, care and need. It represents both skin and touch.

3.Flower-Represents fragrance. When seen with the hand, it represents moisturizers or cream.

4.Bee-Represents creation, pollination, hard work and bio-diversity. Bees symbolize both environmental challenges and opportunities.

5.DNA-The double helix, the genetic blueprint of life and a symbol of bio-science. It is the key to a healthy life.

6.Hair-A symbol of beauty and looking good. Placed next to the flower it evokes cleanliness and fragrance; placed near the hand it suggests softness.

7.Palm Tree-A nurtured resource. It produces palm oil as well as many fruits – coconuts and dates – and also symbolises paradise.

8.Sauces or Spreads- Represents mixing or stirring. It suggests blending in flavors and adding taste.

9.Bowl-A bowl of delicious-smelling food. It can also represent a ready meal, hot drink or soup.

10. Spoon-A symbol of nutrition, tasting and cooking.

11.Spice & flavors-Represents chili or fresh ingredients.

12.Fish-Represents food, sea or fresh water.

13.Sparkle-Clean, healthy and sparkling with energy.

14.Bird-A symbol of freedom. It suggests a relief from daily chores, and getting more out of life.

15.Tea-A plant or an extract of a plant, such as tea. Also a symbol of growing and farming.

16.Lips-Represent beauty, looking good and taste.

17.Ice cream-A treat, pleasure and enjoyment.

18.Recycle-Part of our commitment to sustainability.

19.Particles-A reference to science, bubbles and fizz.

20.Frozen-The plant is a symbol of freshness, the snowflake represents freezing. A transformational symbol.

21.Container-Symbolises packaging – a pot of cream associated with personal care.

22.Heart-A symbol of love, care and health.

23.Clothes-Represent fresh laundry and looking good.

24.Wave-Symbolizes cleanliness, freshness and vigor.

25.Liquid-A reference to clean water and purity.

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