Saturday, October 13, 2012

Restaurants and stores use music to manipulate you!

Music can have powerful psychological effects. A lot of research has shown that you can influence your patrons through background music. Restaurants and stores have figured this out and they use it to their advantage, although in opposite ways.

In retail, stores tend to shy away from playing really popular songs. Playing them means distracting
the shopper from their task at hand: shopping. Their objective is for music to disappear, but make you feel calm without grabbing too much attention. Playing hit songs has even proven to decrease productivity in offices, as well as diminished shopping in stores. A study has even shown that classical music makes people shop more and shop for more expensive items.

Supermarkets and stores use slow music to make people move slow. A study showed an increase of 38% of sales within a supermarket when slow music was played! Restaurants on the other hand, play fast music because that's how they get you moving faster and out of the table. Table turnover is really important because that's how they can serve a lot of people and make more money.

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