Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Real Living Fossil fish

Real Living Fossil
For Coelacanth fish was believed to have been extinct for a long period of time. It was caught at the Chalumna River on the eastern part of South Africa, in 1938. The existence of fossils over the years has beenwell documented. The fish has been believed to have existed in a number of forms since the days when the dinosaurs existed. Records that date back to 360 million years in
the past have been found with most of the fossils dating back to 240 million years ago. It was believed before 1938 that they have become extinct 80 billion years ago. The Coelacanth is a fish that is impressive in its appearance and is being well protected. This is thanks to how the fish is one that is not only unique but also rare in the world and needs to be secure for the future.

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