Tuesday, October 02, 2012

fish, called pacu, has human-like teeth

A certain kind of fish has been spotted in a lake in Illinois, and it will probably keep men out of the water.

The fish, called pacu, has human-like teeth and there have been reports that they attack human testicles.In 2011, two men in New Guinea, reportedly died from blood loss, after their testicles were attacked by pacu.


A fisherman caught a pacu in Lake Lou Yeager in downstate Litchfield in early June. It was sent to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for testing, which determined the fish was a pacu.

The pacu is native to the Amazon and can grow up to three feet long and weigh 50 pounds. It has powerful jaws and teeth, very similar to a human. It eats snails, nuts and aquatic vegetation.

Biologists believe the Illinois pacu are probably former aquarium pets that someone dumped in a public swimming area.

The good news for swimmers in Lake Lou Yeager, biologists say, is that the pacu cannot survive an Illinois winter.

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