Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Science what is it????

Some people find science boring but science is anything but boring. You know why? It is because science has so many different aspects and so many different fields that you simply have to find something that interests you and stimulates your hunger for knowledge.

Science is always moving forward and with each new day we have the chance to witness new fascinating discoveries that sometimes seem to... be out of this world. The constant scientific progress is what drives our society and our civilization forward. Who would have imagined few centuries years ago that one day humans could fly into the space and walk on the surface of the Moon?

Science makes fantasy come true. Only science is able to transform our imagination into reality.

Science is not only the result of our imagination, it is really the combination of imagination and hard work.

The majority of scientific discoveries were the result of countless previous experiments where scientists had to learn from past mistakes in order to move forward.

Some scientific discoveries were also the result of pure luck where scientists were hoping to find something completely else and were latest surprised in finding major accidental discovery.

Science really has something to offer for everyone. Just because you dislike one field doesn't mean you'll find entire science boring. We have been blessed with brain and curiosity so it's perfectly natural to love science. Don't go against the nature

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