Sunday, May 20, 2012

>The Gutenberg Bible
This is the first ever printed
... book. It is believed that there
are only 180 of them today,
and that there are only 21
untouched. One of those is
worth from 25 to 35 million dollars. It got its name after
the inventor of the printing
machine, Johannes Gutenberg,
who shared the destiny of a
number of mind that weren’t
understood in their own time: he died poor and blind in 1468.
Gutenberg Bible was in Latin
and it was later decorated
with miniatures and initials. It
was published in 1455, and
printed on 1 282 pages, in 200-300 copies.

>The Codex Leicester
The book is named after
Thomas Cock, the Count of
Lester. It has 72 pages and it
dates to 1717. In 1994, the
owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates
has bought it for 30.8 million dollars, which is the highest
price paid for a book ever. It
contains drawings and
Leonardo’s scientific notes on
water, rocks, fossils, air and
light. It is interesting that Gates has transferred it to a

>The First Folio
Here, we have the first edition
of Shakespeare’s plays which
dates back to 1623. It was
prepared by Shakespeare
himself and published by his
colleagues John Hemings and Henry Condell, seven years
after the writer’s death. It
contains 36 plays, around 20 of
which are Shakespeare’s

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