Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is sex in space possible?

Journal of Cosmology
published a "Sex on Mars"
... report which is extensively
written about "sex with a
view to the Earth. " A
growing number of curious people want answers to
questions about sex in space,
but the U.S. space agency
(NASA) has consistently
refused to answer such

"Tourist flights into space are
becoming more popular, and
kissing with a view of the
Earth, for many it will be a
true aphrodisiac,"said Laura
Woodmansee, author of "Sex in the universe". In a separate chapter in
polemics and anti-gravity
effects on menstruation and
fertility, and childbirth
options in space or on another
planet, like Mars. Will a child born on Mars become the first

The authors are tried to find
out more information from
NASA in the magazine, but all
they managed to get a short
statement stating that the
'Code of Professional Responsibility', from their
astronaut expects 'ongoing
commitment to honorable

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