Monday, May 28, 2012

human eye can detect millions of colors and is sensitive to light and sounds.

Yes, sound . University research studies show that
mild and incidental noises
cause the pupils of the eyes to

According to David Louis’s
book of Fascinating Facts, it is believed that this is why
surgeons, watchmakers, and
others who perform delicate
manual operations are so
bothered by uninvited noise:
the sounds cause their pupils to change focus and blur their
The “millions of colors” that
the eye can detect are the
three primary colors of red,
green and blue and the
millions of combinations that
result from these three colors. (In 1878, Ewald Hering proposed the theory that the four unique hues of red,
green, blue, and yellow form
the basis of all colors.) The eye is, of course, just a
lens for the brain. You actually see with your brain

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