Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DNA Inside Cells Can Serve As Rewritable Data Storage

DNA Storage Under ultraviolet light, petri dishes containing cells glow red or green depending upon the orientation of a specific section of genetic code inside the cells' DNA. The section of DNA can be flipped back and forth using the RAD technique. Norbert von der Groeben
DNA is the blueprint for life, and now it can serve as a computer to m...onitor life’s processes. Bioengineers transformed DNA into a one-bit memory system that can record, store and erase data within living cells. A future DNA memory device could be used to track cell division and differentiation in cancer patients, perhaps, or to monitor what happens as cells get sick or age.
We’ve seen plenty of body-monitoring computer systems, from chips that can swim through the bloodstream to nanowires that can tap the heart or other muscle. But so far, these systems are limited to a few processes. This system could work like rewritable memory in your computer, recording and erasing information again and again.

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