Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sea horses

Sea horses – One of the weirdest creatures in the water. These are some random facts about them. Read and Enjoy!

*. Seahorses are a part of marine fish. This is the name given to 47 species of marinefish.
*. Unlike many other fishes, seahorses swim upright.
*. Their eyes can move independently.
*. Unlike almost all other fishes, the neck seahorses are flexible.
*. The record for the title of Slowest Moving fish goes to the dwarf seahorse. The top speed is 150 cms/5 feet per hour.
*. Unlike many other animals, in the case of seahorses, it’s the males who are responsible for keeping the eggs laid by females!
*. The female seahorses deposits upto 1,500 eggs in the male’s pouch which they are supposed to carry until fully developed tiny seahorses are emerged.
*. Seahorses never nurture their young after birth leaving the susceptible to predators.
fully developed tiny seahorses

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