Monday, July 23, 2012

The Wind–Solar Energy Bike

These are the most amazing innovative bikes, here we step into future with those who love blending style and functionality with pioneering design and technology.

The eco-friendly wind-solar new concept bike is an answer to the uphill riding problem faced by most bikers where pedaling up a steep slope can knock the wind out the healthiest of us all. That’s whywe need hybrid bikes like the Wind-Solar Energy Bike. Covered with solar panels while having a spoiler fixed below the handles to help provide lift force for lightening the weight of the bike as you cycle. A motor and electricity coils setting is designed at the Front and back wheel. It can produce electric energy while rotating at ordinary times. When the Winsolar is climbing a slope and the biker too tired to pedal, he can switch over to the automatic motor, to make the ascend.

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