Monday, July 23, 2012

William James

William James Sidis IQ was between 250 and 300
William James Sidis was a wonder child; at eighteen months he could read The New York Times, at two he taught himself Latin, at three he learned Greek. By the time he was eight he had taught himself eight languages (Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish, and Armenian). He also invented another, which he called Vendergood .

The IQ of William James Sidis

The IQ of William James Sidis was never measured by an IQ test as we know it. His IQ was only estimated after his death by Abraham Sperling, director of New York City’s Aptitude Testing Institute. Sperling said that according to his calculations, William James Sidis “easily had an IQ between 250 and 300″, which meant that at some time his intellectual age was 2.5 to 3 times his actual age (not the same scale as modern deviation IQ).

William James Sidis was the youngest student at Harvard
William James Sidis gained entrance to Harvard at eleven, and gave a lecture on four- dimensional bodies to the Harvard Mathematical Club his first year. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, on June 18, 1914, at age 16. A short while after he graduated, William James Sidis told reporters that he wanted to live the perfect life. For him this meant living a live in seclusion. William James Sidis gave an interview to a reporter from the Boston Herald, which published his vows to remain celibate and never to marry, including a statement that women did not appeal to him at all.

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