Sunday, May 06, 2012


-E.Amoebae has 22 species out of which 9 are pathogenic(E.histolytica) and remaining are non-pathogenic(E.dispar).

-enters in columnar epithelium of lieberkuhn of colon with the help of LYTIC SECRETION upto sub-mucosal layer .
-Cause ulcers (raised edges and centrally depressed)
... -starts multiplying their colonies by destroying tissues.
-confined to colon,overflow results in sigmoido rectal region
-sometimes they penetrates muscular and serous layers causing perforation and peritonitis.
-ulcers ruptures and release Brownish Necrotic material contains large number of trophozoites.
-sometimes vessel erosion may occur cause hemorrhage.
-superficial ulcers heals without scar but deep ulcer has a scar, in this there may be a granulomatous growth known as amoebic granuloma sometime get mistaken for malignant tumor.
-in some cases it penetrates to the branches of portal vien and get lodged into hepatic lobe and here they start multiplying by hepatic necrosis mostly occur in right lobe with inflammation.
-this stage is known as "Amoebic Hepatitis". shared by Muhamed ahmed

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