Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tobacco can cause hallucinations

Tobacco can cause hallucinations!

Tobacco in its natural form, not processed cigarettes, has very different qualities than the tobacco Americans consume today. Tobacco that can cause hallucinations are the strains that Native Americans used to, and still do, smoke. What exactly is different from this tobacco?

There are chemicals in the tobacco plant called harmala alkaloids, harman and norharm
an. They’re hallucinogens that can cause intense hallucinations. The reason the tobacco that we smoke does not cause this is because it is so processed that the harmala alkaloids are usually inadvertently removed. Also, the tobacco that Native Americans and South American tribes smoke is much more potent and they consume much more of it at a time, which, when the harmala alkaloids reach the brain through inhalation, cause visions to blur and the mind to be warped.

This tobacco was used by wise men throughout history such as shamans to gain wisdom and increase spiritual development. It was an extremely spiritual practice that allowed the wise men to expand their minds and consider the world from many different points of view. Although we cannot reach this level from smoking cigarettes, if you were to travel to South America and consume the tobacco strains that have been carefully cultivated for hundreds of years, the effects would be shocking.

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