Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Egyptian(esque) statue on Mars?

Egyptian(esque) statue on Mars?

New studies strongly suggest Mars was once covered in vast oceans
Could intelligent life have possibly evolved as it did here on earth? We know that life started quite early in earth's history.
More images and video here:

NASA's Opportunity rover spent a full year around the outer edge in early 2007 and a full year inside the crater for close-up imaging. It entered into the crater in Nov 2007 and exited in Aug 2008. Unfortunately Opportunity was not in the vicinity of Cape St. Vincent (1/4 mi away) to do any close-up imaging as it did at Cape Verde, Duck Bay, Cabo Frio section.

We're left to wonder what any close-up image would reveal.

ORIGINAL NASA SOURCELINK HERE (located far-right midsection of outcropping. Download "Full-Res JPEG"):



Mars Exploration Rovers (MER), Spirit and Opportunity:
The plucky rover twins and their indefatigable travels across unexpectedly wide regions of Mars have brought a tangible feeling of "being there" to scientists and the public alike. The independence and freedom to go to what interests us is a precious capability, and the ability of the rovers to engineer themselves out of trouble (with some help from a dust devil or two) has been unique in robotic exploration. The science gained includes not only images, but actual in-situ chemical and mineralogical data which has broken open the story of ancient water on Mars."
-Jeff Cuzzi: Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center — with Sefa Uludil, Xsquaredradio Brooks, Jason Martell, Brien Foerster, Hugh Newman, Max Igan, Michael Tellinger, Klaus Dona, Brooks Agnew PhD, David Hatcher Childress and Noora Dannish.

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