Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Say Yes to Eco Ganesh and No to Plaster of Paris Ganesh

Say Yes to Eco Ganesh and No to Plaster of Paris Ganesh | Advantages of Mud Ganesha Idols and disadvantages of their colored POP counterparts

Disadvantages with Colors:

Plaster of Paris idols will be attractive to look with different shapes and varieties of colors. But their colors will harm a lot to the environment.
Idols made of POP will harm the natural resources. They will also pollute underground water
They will not dissolve in water. They will prevent sunlight entering in to the water. It will become fatal to the lives of aquatic animals. Plants present under the water will get damaged. Arrival of immigration birds will be effected.
Binding materials used in these idols, such as mercury, cadmium, chromium, organic dyes, lead and others are the main culprits behind water pollution. Because of presence of alkaline in the water, the organs of the people who drink that water, may get damaged. There are chances for arrival of problems related to lungs, liver, cancer, skin diseases, allergies to eyes.

Benefits of Mud idols:

Environment lovers are pleading not to harm the environment. It is being advised to use mud idols. There are some benefits using these idols.
In the earlier days, mud will be taken out from the lakes before the arrival of rainy season. Ganesh idols were made with this mud and will be again sunk in to the lake after the festival. This was like a cyclic chain without causing harm to the environment.
Idols made with mud will easily get dissolved in lakes. They prevent drying up of lakes. Mud has the quality of purifying the water.
which is eco friendly, can be prepared.

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