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More students join fight against VTU’s carry-over policy

More students join fight against VTU’s carry-over policy
Final verdict on the plea made by 100 students delayed as others file similar petitions before the High Court With the High Court adjourning the hearing on a plea challenging the varsity’s carry-over system on Thursday, the ongoing tussle between BE students and administration of the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is set to continue. HC fiat on carry over temporary, await final order: VTU
After the case came up for hearing, lawyers of a few more students who filed similar petitions against the university approached the High Court, asking that all the pleas be clubbed and heard together. Hence the hundred-odd students, who were given an interim order by the High Court granting them admission to the next semesters of their courses, will now have to wait for the final verdict. VTU carry-over system: HC relief to pupils
VTU vice-chancellor Dr H Maheshappa, however, categorically stated that unless the High Court specified that the order would be applicable to all the 19,000 students who will be affected, it will not be made a general rule.
“We are presenting our argument against this order. For students who are nor part of this petition, on which the interim order has been issued, there will be no admissions,” he said.
The university argues that the policy not to allow students with backlogs of more than four subjects to move to the next semester is to produce quality engineers. “The focus of the students should be on studying and excelling in exams. If they do, this rule will not seem insurmountable,” said Maheshappa.
But, with the courses already begun, students who have not been part of this petition are having a harrowing time. Most students claim that their only option is to approach the High Court with similar petitions.
However, caution is also in the air because of preceding cases. Recently, engineering diploma students also approached the High Court to be allowed to have a carry-over system for all eight subjects. There are at least 12 similar petitions against the VTU itself which is yet to be decided upon and the students are in the dark about the fate of this academic year.
Even those 100 students who have been given the interim order by the High Court are still waging their own battle as their colleges have said that the admissions cannot be done until the VTU gives them a direct order in this regard.
When asked about the colleges’ stand, Maheshappa said, “The VTU has no problem if the colleges give admission to those hundred students who were part of the petition on which the interim order has been issued. However, the university is still presenting its side of the case and arguments against this order are still on. So the VTU will not issue an official order to the colleges till the final verdict is delivered.”
While the legal battles are being fought, students continue to be uncertain about their future.
Don’t judge students by their marks. Many students have more technical knowledge than the bookworms. High Court, please give justice for all. If this interim order does not apply to all 19,000 students, I will surely commit suicide and VTU will be responsible for it. Let us fight for our future.
The back-year concept does not exist in other universities in India or anywhere else in the worldl!!!! We request VTU to abolish this concept because it does not really serve the purpose of creating quality engineers. It only creates more and more stress and forces us to learn our modules just for the sake of passing an exam.
We appreciate the V-C’s point about producing quality engineers. In that case, why don’t they ensure that every college has well-qualified and quality lecturers and sufficient coaching is provided to produce quality students rather than having a system that penalises them.
VTU V-C Maheshappa told BM that the ruling will apply to only the 100 students who petitioned the court and not others. Is this democracy?
Please do something fast. One of my friends attempted suicide because of this year-out system. I request you to cancel this system and save lives.
I request the high court to intervene and also request our well-wisher, Bangalore Mirror, to highlight our problems.
Arif Ahmed

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