Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why does baby cry when defecating

Don't be too worry when your baby is screaming and has a changed facial expression while defecating. It may not be a serious medical problem for your baby. Defecating is a new experience for babies, and it is a normal thing. There are some reasons why does baby cry when defecating

► Body function is not perfect yet. Defecating while lying is difficult because it needs more pressure, so sometimes your baby will scream and cry. Babies can't sit and have to make an extra effort to coordinate abdominal muscles so the feces can be pushed.

► Constipation. If your baby cries while excreting, it may be caused by constipation. Dry feces, and or after few days of no defecation are signs of constipation. To relieve constipation, increase the fluid intake. Add more sugars to his formula milk to soften the feces. If your baby is more than 4 months, you can add fresh juice to his meal. If your baby is already able to take solid meals, add high fiber vegetables such as spinach, peas, pear, and plum. If you have tried all the things and constipation still continues, consult your pediatrician.

► Gassiness. Another reason why does baby cry when defecating is a gas pain. Gassiness is caused by inability to digest any nutrition from breast milk, lactation, or hyper syndrome (when mother has excessive milk production). Formula milk, constipation, and gastrointestinal infection can cause gassiness in your baby. Gassiness after drinking milk will be relieved by burping, gently massage your baby's stomach to release trapped air in his stomach. Give your baby some drops of fennel essence to reduce gassiness

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