Sunday, July 22, 2012

►► How to prevent migraine headaches

Migraine is a common disorder for many people, approximately affects more than 10 percents of the world population. To prevent migraine headaches, there are some healthy habit you can do.

One thing you should remember is that the cure of migraine headaches is not permanently working. After few days, sometimes there will be another migraine attacks. It is believed that a healthy diet can prevent migraine headaches naturally. But bad lifestyle and habit can trigger it.

Here are some ways of how to prevent migraine headaches:

► On time eating. Skipping meals for any reason can affect our health. A strict diet is also a contributing factor for migraine attacks. If you think that strict diet will reduce your body fat, this will end up as a suddenly increased blood glucose and trigger migraine attack.

► Regular exercise. A healthy body will make a healthy mind. To stay fit and active, do exercise regularly. This will help prevent migraine headaches.

► Enough sleep. Too many sleep or lack of sleep will interfere your body rhythm. Ideally, an adult needs 6-7 hours of sleep and not more than 9 hours a day. Maintain your sleep schedule for a better result.

► Stop smoking. Smoking and alcohol drinking can increase the risk of migraine attack. If you think that you can cope a migraine by smoking, please rethink. Nicotine doesn't only cause an inflammation in throat and lungs, but also can make you psychically addicted. Alcohol contains tyramine that can trigger migraine. If you excessively consume it, alcohol can cause migraine attacks

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