Tuesday, May 01, 2012


EcoAlert: ISS Camera to Provide World's Real-Time Climate Data
NASA announced plans last week to send a new telescopic camera to the InternationalSpace Station to give developing countries critical new environmental data on forest fires, floods, volcanoes, droughts, hurricanes and landslides in Central America, Africa and Asia.
ISERV is NASA's abbreviation for the new camera designed and built at ...Marshall Space Flight Center to record those changes. Once it's aboard the station, the camera will obtain near-real-time data, NASA says. It will be able to "see" 90 percent of the Earth's land mass and 95 percent of its populated areas, according to lead scientist Burgess Howell at NASA Huntsville. SERVIR can show officials the scope of a natural event and its effect on regional resources such as drinking water.

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